Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tagged by Sharon

OK enough already .... I dont tend to respond to being tagged but since I have been hammered with them lately , LOL I will do this one although I will not be able to pass it on to that many people as not many of my friends have blogs and those who do have been tagged already

You have to link back to the person that tagged you. Done.You have to share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

So the link for this Tag was Sharon one of my team stampin up girls http://lemon-delicious.blogspot.com/ check her out

1. I hate to have crumbs on my biscuits if they are present I have to brush them before I can eat them

2.I like to buy things in threes.. yup that can get expensive

3.If i travel somewhere I have to come home a different way than the way I went can get tricky and add to petrol bill

4.I cant stand it if someone "flicks" through my magazine before I do...my friends have learnt this the hard way...I dont know that sulk is a very nice word

5.I dont like following anyone elses foot steps down the beach where I often stay I have to wait till the tide has washed them away

6. I am totally obsessed with a excellant cup of coffee my friends dont think its rude when I bring my own coffee and plunger to there house when I visit

7. I"m definately getting worse as I get older.

I cant think of anyone to tagg who sharon hasnt already so you can just have put up with my little bit LOL me

1 comment:

SharonD said...

Love it! Especially about the coffee. I need to train my friends the way you have trained yours!

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