Wednesday, 13 February 2008

time to get back to cards

my oldest step son is off to university at Otago next weekend, so this was the last time he will sleep over for a while ,which is really sad . So heres a valentines for u Hamish and a couple of masculine cards made from stampin up products ......enjoy

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Meet Millie

For those who dont know me I am a very soft touch for waifs and strays and this is the latest to go with our three bantam hens, frogs,budgie and dog (the famous in our house Sariah.) The newest addition is Millie who has moved in as a hopeful friend for Sariah as mum and Dad go to work Sariahs last friend the Beautiful Peony Rose died a few weeks ago which has left everyone lacking in some way her fiesty nature.

SO WECOLME MILLIE who looks already to have no small interest in the art of scrapbooking technique of layering ribbons, one of my favourite embellishments for cards and pages. length of ribbons is important, as never start if you are in fear of running out this often determines selection as well as colour co-ordination

ONe of the problems of scrapbooking if you dont use the snail adhesive and resort to difficult double sided products is infact getting that double side off with out it getting tangles on your surfaces or papers where they are not ment to be, and another problem in a group setting is an inatentive group member or one that may have not had lunch and there concentration is elsewhere

Another important aspect of creative play is that we all do it differently and millie likes to stand when creating whereas sariah likes to sit I tooo like to sit

Thursday, 7 February 2008

scrap pages of the seasons and the beautiful girl

How we love summer in the South Island

One of the many great things about scarpbook pages is the enchancing of what is already beautiful and though I know you cant improve on nature and gods perfect design , i like to feel a bit olf me is there tooo anyway this pages reflect hot summer days fishing near the waitaki lakes Deep stream to be exact which is fly fishing only hence I have not obtained this skill yet so hubby fishes I enjoy the sunshine and take lots of photos of a man in action

Summer is not complete without the fragrance and splender of a bunch of fresh garden picked roses ....devine and this page was completed in a race with my sister in law Diane with a page map from donna from scrapbook lifestyle both pages where totally different the timer ticking was a huge stress but we laughed our heads off at the fact that these pages could be done in 20 minutes not a whole day as usual .

Our beautiful girl "SARIAH"

WINTER what a beautiful, time this page explains itself how totally awesome is a hoarfrost this one lasted for over a week and was just stunning as you drove along the road it glittered like "dazzling diamonds " in the real i had to wear my sunglasses in the car it was so bright cuttle bug embossed snowflakes in the centre of the page

Monday, 4 February 2008

I Know I should really be in Bed

I just adore the love matters set great for scrapbooking and stamping yum yum, I never get sick of hearts or flowers

What a lot of fun I had tonight with some new friends stamping, thanks for that it was great and isnt it amazing when someone else is with you how a card you had looked at for ages when they do it it looks great or a stamp set you passed by as ordinary looks wicked(great) when they use it well thats exactly how it was tonight so there goes my wish list a mile long again ....... but I think thats a good thing andyway back to cards here a a few inspired by many internet stampers thanks a heap though mine never seem to turn out the say must be that creative expression cheers anyway

Saturday, 2 February 2008

A Day with my sister in Law Diane

Another great summers day in New Zealand and what was totally awesome was .... spending time with my sister in law trying out my new stampin up stamps they are just the best i love them. I know that I didn't honour them with stampin up paper all the time, but we had a great time I really enjoy layers of collage and mixed media embellish embellish i hear my inner self call so of coarse thats just what you have to do hope you enjoy inspiration from the internet,books and the thought of valentines day

Friday, 1 February 2008

I really am having a bit of trouble trying to get these photos in the right spot and I have noticed ist is yet another scrap page but I just love it I love to layer and have lots of embellishments and journalling which is close to my heart everyone tends to know exactly what is going on in my life still not sure if that is a good thing but at least there tends to be not secrets anyway if the pink picture is in the right spot this is when my bloved dog ate my cell phone and the 150 photos that where on it there where no squells of joy coming from me and i think that day sariah (the offender)did learn more english than she previously knew

Where did the time go when I look at these pages with my boy in my arms and how our family portrait may have looked if his dad was in it to how that young man now looks I like to think he looks like me in boy form not that he particularly likes that Idea he is his own man .

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