Sunday, 10 February 2008

Meet Millie

For those who dont know me I am a very soft touch for waifs and strays and this is the latest to go with our three bantam hens, frogs,budgie and dog (the famous in our house Sariah.) The newest addition is Millie who has moved in as a hopeful friend for Sariah as mum and Dad go to work Sariahs last friend the Beautiful Peony Rose died a few weeks ago which has left everyone lacking in some way her fiesty nature.

SO WECOLME MILLIE who looks already to have no small interest in the art of scrapbooking technique of layering ribbons, one of my favourite embellishments for cards and pages. length of ribbons is important, as never start if you are in fear of running out this often determines selection as well as colour co-ordination

ONe of the problems of scrapbooking if you dont use the snail adhesive and resort to difficult double sided products is infact getting that double side off with out it getting tangles on your surfaces or papers where they are not ment to be, and another problem in a group setting is an inatentive group member or one that may have not had lunch and there concentration is elsewhere

Another important aspect of creative play is that we all do it differently and millie likes to stand when creating whereas sariah likes to sit I tooo like to sit

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otagogirl said...

Oh my, she's so sweet!
Natalie is just like you, can't resist a stray baby. She's working at a vet's now- already has got a new kitten to join her big boy cat Luca and her ferret Immie!

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