Friday, 1 February 2008

I really am having a bit of trouble trying to get these photos in the right spot and I have noticed ist is yet another scrap page but I just love it I love to layer and have lots of embellishments and journalling which is close to my heart everyone tends to know exactly what is going on in my life still not sure if that is a good thing but at least there tends to be not secrets anyway if the pink picture is in the right spot this is when my bloved dog ate my cell phone and the 150 photos that where on it there where no squells of joy coming from me and i think that day sariah (the offender)did learn more english than she previously knew


otagogirl said...

I remember when the spaniel you had ate your watch that you had in your coat pocket...I think you would have clobbered me if I'd called her a watch dog once more!

Diane said...

Ohh I had forgotten that do spaniels have a special slant towards things mechanical. watches cellphones thats it its not going near the gps

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