Monday, 4 February 2008

I Know I should really be in Bed

I just adore the love matters set great for scrapbooking and stamping yum yum, I never get sick of hearts or flowers

What a lot of fun I had tonight with some new friends stamping, thanks for that it was great and isnt it amazing when someone else is with you how a card you had looked at for ages when they do it it looks great or a stamp set you passed by as ordinary looks wicked(great) when they use it well thats exactly how it was tonight so there goes my wish list a mile long again ....... but I think thats a good thing andyway back to cards here a a few inspired by many internet stampers thanks a heap though mine never seem to turn out the say must be that creative expression cheers anyway


otagogirl said...

So pretty!
Is it embossed and coloured in with markers or soemthing else?
Which set is that?
Just full of questions!

Diane said...

Just classic black ink pad and markers set is both way blooms which is a hostess set here love your questions must get your site on splitcoast stampers so everyone can see your neat work

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