Sunday, 30 March 2008

friendship blooms/enchante

Diane and I had just finished a day demonstrating from 9am to 4pm, which was great fun and we totally enjoyed meeting all those nice ladies Hi Girls. And when we got home we whipped up some cards for ourselves not that we are competative ha ha ha but Diane won with this lovely card using her fav pale plum card stock, enchante designer paper from the summer catalogue which finishes on monday, and my friendship blooms from the sal-a-bration series. the flowers have been embossed with silver so the flash blew back off the abit

Thursday, 27 March 2008

french flair

Had another fun night card making with the girls and I would like to welcome our newest member Marla. we had fun making some old favourites to which this card is dedicated a very popular favourite from the summer catalogue french flair I love it and with perfect plum it just looks great. enjoy

We even incorporated the exclusive hostess gift set rivetting which of course is being updated in the new catalogue however what remains the same is the fact that hostess sets can only be obtained through hosting a party

So contact me via my email and I will be pleased to book a workshop with you and your friends as well

Sunday, 23 March 2008

de stress make a card

Thought it was time to have a play with some of my non stampin-up papers and wander my way through some card magazines great thing to do on the weekend but alas it is back to work tomorrow for the Nurse in me I hope everyone else has a fabulous easter weekend and that jesus is present in your day.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

re inventing the wheel

Just about finished the wall panel for the sun room
It should tone down the brightness and i love these
colours James is not so keen but keeping an open mind

With these papers now in the retired list I thought it must be time to chop them up and use them I have a bit of a thing with paper I love to look at it but I do have trouble using it I like to keep it nice but I surpose I will have to get ove that

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

new catty

Its here at last on the net anyway this is the closest I can look at it at the moment torture Hopefully my catty will arrive tomorrow oh dear and I have work yikes. I have added the stampin up home page so you can clic on that after april one and view it on line

love candle light

Ohh these are cool thats the thing with stampin up stamps you can create almost anything who wouldn't go mad at how great they are.
Not to mention the fantastic girls who create them thanks Karen

Monday, 17 March 2008

Work in progress

This is a very popular tech in Aussie an NZ at the moment and nice and easy which is always good dont know if you can see the stiching detail in the left corner my sister in law and I have been having a competion to get one completed must ring and tell her mines on the blog already tee heee

I kind of like it when the seansons start to change as I kinda start to get all homey for winter and the indoor pursuits start to take place. Like changing rooms around and decorating which I dont tend to do in the summer I currently have a few works in progress and this is me mucking around with paint which I love making a panel for the sun room so it will still have a cosy feel through out the winter with deep rich colors from the new dulux range . st bathans, sailors cutting, high st and vivian , tongariro is the base and they are all just sooo yummy not that we can see that yet but hopefully be finished in a couple if days

Sunday, 16 March 2008

blooming with happiness hostess set

Marelle Taylor makes the most beautiful projects and I card lifted this dancing umbella card from her. I used ballet blue and real red card stock as I have heaps whcih gave the card a more casual look so sad this hostess set is going as i have just got my hands on it

Friday, 14 March 2008

trying out my new circle punches

Diane and I had a chance to have a go with my new stampin up circle punches to see how they handled themselves. Awesome of course it makes life sooo much better when you have the right toys to play with

Thursday, 13 March 2008

only had sahara sand left

This was fun to do , although I now see i must invest in some beautiful single word sentiments this on has to do for today. The only card stock i had on hand was sahara sand so i used it on the card and the leaf embellishment

I did scratches on the card stock with crayon then brayed over with old olive so love that colour the leasves where brayed with creme caramel over choc chip the ribbon is taupe kinda like it now. sorry the photo was taken in the dark dark night

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

mother in law stamps not her feet

Had a lovely wedensday night's tea with my Mother in law and of course out came the stamps and we had a wee play with crayons and ink it may not be the most flamboyant however we didn't have a lot of colours to choose from great job Frances new stamper at over 70 you go girl

set sail on the sea

I just love the times I spend with my sister in law she is totally motivated and endlessly searching out new ideas and techniques this is one of the latest which a group of us had fun with using a gorgous stampin up stamp form the set sail set we created multi coloured irridescent backgrounds to create the atmsophere of the ocean i loved it so much there is also a little inset of it lower down on the card

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

world scrapbooking day

I didn't realise that yesturday was world scrapbooking day but thanks to looking at karen up north's blog this fact was highlighted for me soo with no further adoo here is my page for that day. stampin up papers dazzling diamonds 2 way glue bodacious stampin round wheel grettings galore and pure and simple alphabet and cuttle bug accessories

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Sunday Sunday

Lovely quiet day church in the morning and a stamping in the afternoon First fire lit for the season as I needed that lovely comfort only an open fire can give

Saturday, 1 March 2008


Two more beautiful animal babie shots hu-di -ne helping to pel the potatoes he goes nuts when the water starts running and he cant wait to get out of his house and onto my hand does like to nibble those spuds so you have to watch him And of course lazybones millie doing her best to do nothing not even walk bless her

At last it rained ya hoo North Otago as is much of New Zealand has been experiencing drought conditions and it started to rain last night unfortunately not before the washing got in but hey never mind

My dear friend Helen came from out of town for a visit and we had a great time Helen looks very mode and arty I look half asleep which is not good as I am actually wide awake yuk that is a bad photo you will be pleased to note all the clutter around the room is what I like to call artistic stimulation and it is definately NOT mess anyway enough chat lets have some snap

Ohhh nearly forgot here are some of our cards we made
using hostess set blooming with happiness by stamping up and fresh fillers

Love this set Helen owns it and I want it Wild about You soooo cute Dazzling diamonds is on Mr crocadiles back

more New Zealand

more New Zealand

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