Saturday, 1 March 2008


Two more beautiful animal babie shots hu-di -ne helping to pel the potatoes he goes nuts when the water starts running and he cant wait to get out of his house and onto my hand does like to nibble those spuds so you have to watch him And of course lazybones millie doing her best to do nothing not even walk bless her

At last it rained ya hoo North Otago as is much of New Zealand has been experiencing drought conditions and it started to rain last night unfortunately not before the washing got in but hey never mind

My dear friend Helen came from out of town for a visit and we had a great time Helen looks very mode and arty I look half asleep which is not good as I am actually wide awake yuk that is a bad photo you will be pleased to note all the clutter around the room is what I like to call artistic stimulation and it is definately NOT mess anyway enough chat lets have some snap

Ohhh nearly forgot here are some of our cards we made
using hostess set blooming with happiness by stamping up and fresh fillers

Love this set Helen owns it and I want it Wild about You soooo cute Dazzling diamonds is on Mr crocadiles back


Helen said...

Aargh! better photo of you than me I says. The one I have in my blog is nice.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! That bird and cat are so cute!

I love the cards too. Do you do any bear cards?


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