Monday, 17 March 2008

Work in progress

This is a very popular tech in Aussie an NZ at the moment and nice and easy which is always good dont know if you can see the stiching detail in the left corner my sister in law and I have been having a competion to get one completed must ring and tell her mines on the blog already tee heee

I kind of like it when the seansons start to change as I kinda start to get all homey for winter and the indoor pursuits start to take place. Like changing rooms around and decorating which I dont tend to do in the summer I currently have a few works in progress and this is me mucking around with paint which I love making a panel for the sun room so it will still have a cosy feel through out the winter with deep rich colors from the new dulux range . st bathans, sailors cutting, high st and vivian , tongariro is the base and they are all just sooo yummy not that we can see that yet but hopefully be finished in a couple if days

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otagogirl said...

Wow, they look like you've stamped them with a Definately Decorative set! Cool!

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