Friday, 19 December 2008

Kiwi Christmas

The Cherries are in Yay not just on this card, but on the stalls on the street I love Kiwi (New Zealand) Christmas time because it is our SUMMER TIME that means cherries and crayfish ,strawberries and pineapple, avocado and salads bowls of fresh fruit salad with lovely green kiwi fruit and Pavlova Divine so although the traditional Christmas may suit the Northern hemisphere Climes And we do get to have that yummy food to I love our special best of both worlds Christmas here so yes cherries are in


kareNstampZ said...
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kareNstampZ said...

scrummy card - lucky you getting crayfish - me jealous - we do poor man's crayfish - garlic king prawns

Diane said...

its all good love it

otagogirl said...

Fun card! Still red and green, but cherries- oh how I loooove cherries!

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