Sunday, 3 August 2008

A Break in the weather

Our poor little country has been so severley battered by the weather over the past week it was fantastic for the rain to cease and the wind to stop. Thick coastal mist hung around us on saturday and I had booked a date with my husband to go for a drive inland and this is what is on our back door.

We drove up to Mount Cook (Aoraki)but it was shrouded in cloud it wasn't until evening set in and we stood on the shores of Lake Pukaki that the cloud dispursed as if torn aside and exposed the magnitude of this beautiful mountain reflected in still evening glacial waters of the lake

That is me in teeny tiny oh I wish I was smaller standing with my
toes in the waters of the lake. This Mountain Range is part
of the Southern Alps.

So to all the Girls in my team in the North Island I hope that you
too are having a break in the weather


Karen Rogers said...

awesome piccies & love the signature!

Stamping Seasons said...

Ohh Diane, what awesome photos. Would love to have that on my doorstep!!!!

Trudi said...

WOW these pics are gorgeous! We havn't been able to see much of our mountain the last few days,

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