Sunday, 7 March 2010

heaps of fun projects

Now to give you the reason why i haven't posted for awhile..... I have been all over the country attending fantastic classes . 1st in Auckland with my delightful team leader Jacqui Pederson pictured above (Jacqui) then again with Jacqui and the fabulous team of girls in the Canterbury region. Wow what a great day thanks girls, Lisa, June and Lorraine totally talented

Therefor I am jam packed with ideas and projects to get EVEN MORE out of our stampin up materials with a selection of masculine and feminine gifts, so give me a call and I will book you into one of my classes or send you out a class planner

see you soon


Anonymous said...

And we loved having you Diane. Thanks for coming it was great to meet you in person

Paula said...

Good for you Diane! Looks like fun.

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