Tuesday, 23 March 2010

a blessed life

My Husband James and I where so blessed by the lord, this weekend I am nearly bursting from the Joy of it all, Church in the morning was the most powerful thing I have yet to experience with a total praise and worship service that totally moved me to a level that I have never been in before thank you lord and the family of the House of Breakthrough, amazing amazing.

We had planned to have a room at a bed in breakfast prior to attending an appointment in Queenstown the following day, Well can I just say I was delighted to find that not only did we get a room in a beautiful house but we had the whole house to ourselves complete with lake frontage olive groves vineyards and an awe inspiring collection to New Zealand art works.

James and My life have turned totally around in the past 2 months and we could not have made the changes in our lives that we have made or had the experiences that we have had in the past 8 weeks( and yet to come) with out Jesus Christ being in our lives. thank you Jesus amen

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