Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Kaikoura page Road trip

Just a few of my favourite things are on this page, travelling love it especially on a Train My Dad spent most of his working Career on the Railways from Shunter, Guard and Manager in Dunedin. Great times where often had by Sandra mum and I as we would get up in the middle of the night (it felt) and catch the train to my Nana and Grandads in Nelson. This Part of the trip was always memorable due to all the Tunnels that the train would go through.

Another Favourite is the TV show Logan and Brown more about that on other postings later , but the Often use Sea food in there show I really enjoyed the show covering this area and We also stopped at the infamous Nin's Bin for a couple of crays to go with fresh bread and butter with a pinch of salt......Devine

And Devine would also desribe the beautiful extremes of Land scape from the wind scuffed snow topped mountains to the ruggered black rocked coast

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KarenR said...

Great to see you on the road - you are a wee traveller all right

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