Monday, 3 August 2009

Two of our Awesome boys

Wow where have the years gone??? Our Boys are sooo handsome and grown up as you can see from these photos... must post a new one of Hamish as well.
In these two photos Craig new that he wouldn't have much time between returning from playing rugby in the 1st 15 till going to the formal and he knows how much James and I love to take photos so he completed a " photo shoot" the day before so we could get some nice photos

I caught up with Crichton this week and he shouted me a cup of Coffee and a photo you have to be quick though to get one so I think I did pretty well
My computer is on the fritz and this one is struggling as well so not sure when i can post again

1 comment:

Helen said...

lovely photos of the boys Diane. They grow sooo fast in their teens its frightening.

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