Thursday, 18 June 2009

frosty mornings sunny days

Ok so I know this isn't stamping but the days have been so between snow flurries that I had to get outside and enjoy it. Another driving reason is I have new neighbours who even before they moved in cut down all the trees along the fence line YIKES no privacy at all so it was time to get into the yard and do some sorting

there are actually two trees in the photo above and they are six months apart in age awesome a grow quick screen that will be pretty to with sweet pea shaped flowers 6ft in a year growth wonder if that hurts??

I have these photos in the wrong order this is actually the end result of my new no dig gardens James knocked a few boxes together for me while I went out and sourced the raw materials
Lucerne hay, pea straw, chook poo and mushroom compost sound good to me
the boxes have been made the size of our path cuts down on the weeds there is the very ugly fence boo hoo but not for long

A little bit of town and country piles of straw and hay and organic materials.... doesn't that sound nice all complete with a very happy hole digging dog. Sariah didn't did holes at home until i grubbed out some old bushes oh no a nasty new habit. This is the biggest bin it is twice the size of the others.
I am planning to plant chamomile and thyme lawn as the grass has goon missing due to chooks pecking it away and a nosey pooch who likes to run up and down to the front wall and check out who is in the street. and also then she will have pizza smelling feet ...... pretty cool lol

ooops soory posted the same picture twice and it is hard to get rid of it

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