Tuesday, 5 May 2009

from the Kitchen of ...Meal pack

My oldest Step son Hamish is living the student lifestyle down in Dunedin but he still has a bit of a wine taste on a beer budget so to speak, and he has a taste for tastie treats lol
Anyway the task for me is to put together a selection of tastie but also affordable quick and easy dishes that come together to make a impressive meal if there is someone special coming over or you feel like a little luxury in your day without breaking the bank

I have used the from the kitchen of stamp set with the current in colours Kiwi kiss and Riding hood red as well as D/S paper BElla Rose I have place all three recipes that go together in a "Dinner Pack" for Hamish also I have pasted the photos of how it should look on the back of each index card as a Guide...................Enjoy


Ria said...

Oh wow! My mouth is just watering looking at those stuffed mushrooms - YUM!! What a cool idea :~)

kareNstampZ said...

does look yoummy I think time to post the recipes too

Keryn Campbell said...

That looks like a great way to make sure he's eating well. I just love that paper.

otagogirl said...

What a clever idea! Leave it to you to put the photos on the back- you are such a foodie! I just love to eat, not cook...

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