Thursday, 30 April 2009

When Nz post let you Down

I am sooo sad today as a very special parcel for my niece and her grandfather whose birthday is a day apart have had there birthday Parcel misplaced even though it was sent track and trace.......... What is even worse than losing my wedding video on my fathers player, and the dress I had sent with hand made cards, was that because in contained a small amount of money for a phone top up card the other Items are said not compensated for so not only have I lost all these Items I also have to replace them myself ..... pretty double stinky

be warned gift vouchers etc also come under the label of money as per a post office front counter staff information (she was lovely thank you) cant say the same for the cold letter from nz post

However I will not give up and I have included that parcels return safely in my prayers


Anonymous said...

Thats stink Diane! Youd think with track and trace they could pin point it ..Ive lost LOs and Ive lost photos so I totally know the disappointment.

Tracee, Peter, Hayden, Campbell and Bridie said...

Oh no Diane! That is terrible. Fingers crossed it turns up soon.

otagogirl said...

Oh my goodness! And you did everything right. Sounds like Canada Post...usually with them if something is lost, it means that a rat on the staff has stolen it. I hope that didn't happen, and it turns up soon!

chevalier said...

Good luck if you send any parcels by NZ Post. You will need it. In my experience they take no care, show no initiative or take any responsibility. Today they called me to tell me that I would get no compensation as my parcel was left in a "safe place" (In full view of my street). No knock on the door, no card in my mail box.

Customer Services
NZ Post
Box 39 100
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045

Aug 22 2009,

Dear Sir / Madam,

RE ENQUIRY C10733413

On Monday Aug 3 at 7-41 am a parcel addressed to me containing an university text book was delivered to my doorstep according to your driver and your investigator.

At 8-20 am on the same morning I left for work and there was no parcel on my doorstep

At time of delivery I was at home at the time sitting watching TV just 3 metres away from my front door. The doorbell was not rung by driver, neither was there a knock at my door.

When NZ Post call center finally got back to me (after 2 weeks) “Colleen” left message saying that the investigator had found that the parcel was left “in a safe place” and that I should now go to the police to pursue matter further.

Either the parcel was never delivered to my address or someone stole this book inside a 40 minute time frame on a Monday morning after 7-41 am and before 8-20am.

If the parcel was delivered to my address why was doorbell not rung ?

If parcel was delivered as alleged it could have been seen from street sitting on my doorstep. See photo (attached).

I am feeling very frustrated by the lack of care and initiative shown by your company and I plan to escalate this matter until I am compensated.

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