Monday, 19 January 2009

embrace life fingerless gloves

I had great fun with this alternative to scrapbooking or card making with stamps from the embrace life set the second glove in Red is embroidered I always like to push the boat out abit


KarenR said...

looks like a "killer look"

Keryn Campbell said...

That is brilliant. The red does stand out just a little bit better in the photo at least.

otagogirl said...

very cool! Did you stamp on the gloves first and stitch it in, or do it freehand? I did some jeans for Alex a couple of years ago using (wait for it) Doodle This, we stamped first and then she (me!) followed the lines with fabric paint.
Your gloves are so elegant!

Diane said...

Yes I stamped the glove first with one of the stamps from embrace life with whisper white craft ink the second glove is embrodered over the top of the stamping

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